Higher Education

We partner with universities across the globe to ensure that each student has a successful and fulfilling academic experience by helping them navigate the challenges of studying.

Study Abroad

Humanics Lab is committed to providing comprehensive support to students who wish to study abroad in the UK, Germany, USA, Canada and various countries across the world. 

Our goal is to ensure that each student has a successful and fulfilling academic experience, by offering a range of services to help them navigate the challenges of studying abroad.

The Application Process

Humanics Lab with our partners understands the importance of a complete and accurate application and will work closely with students to ensure that all relevant documents are reviewed and submitted to their university of choice. We will assist in auditing the entire application, ensuring it meets the required criteria and standards, and if further work is required, we will work closely with the student to elevate their application to the required quality and standard.

Obtaining a Visa

The visa application process as a key component of any study abroad experience. With our expertise and experience in the visa and immigration sector, we work with each student to ensure that their visa application is thoroughly reviewed, complete, and meets all necessary requirements. 

Our goal is to provide students with the confidence to travel to their destination country without worry.

In-Country Concierge Service

Our in-country concierge service provides students with a permanent point of contact to assist them in navigating the different legal, societal, bureaucratic, and cultural requirements that are essential for a successful study abroad experience. 

We will provide trusted guidance to help students smoothly transition to their new environment.

Strategic Tutoring and Mentoring

Humanics Lab recognizes the complexities of the academic environment, and we are committed to providing ongoing tutoring services to help our students deal with important matters. We will assist in structuring their day at university, dealing with study pressures, applying for scholarships, preparing for exams, planning their career, building their CVs, and establishing networks. Our goal is to ensure that each student has the necessary support to successfully complete their studies abroad.

Partner Universities

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United Kingdom

1. Anglia Ruskin University
2. Birbeck University of London
3. Aston University Birmingham
4. Brunel University London
5. City University London
6. Edge Hill University
7. Goldsmiths University of London
8. The University of Hull
9. Queen Mary University of London
10. University of Reading
11. Royal Holloway University of London
12. Royal Veterinary College University of London
13. SOAS University of London
14. London South Bank University
15. University of Southampton
16. Staffordshire University
17. University of Sunderland
18. University of Central Lancashire
19. The University of Law

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European Union

1. Amsterdam School of International Business
2. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
3. Berlin University of Applied Sciences
4. Fernhochshule - The Mobile University
5. University of Medicine and Pharmacy Craiova
6. George Emil Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology
7. International Business School 8. Kristianstad University Sweden
9. University of Budapest
10. Lund University
11. University of Nicosia
12. Swiss Business School
13. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
14. SRH Hamburg
15. St. George's University
16. Grigore T.Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy
17. University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca
18. University of Amsterdam
19. University of Europe for Applied Sciences
20. Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

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United States of America

1. University of Cincinnati
2. Curry College Milton Massachusetts
3. Elon University
4. Florida Institute of Technology
5. Illinois Institute of Technology
6. University of Massachusetts Lowell
7. University at Albany - New York