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Empowering Innovation. Cultivating Success.

We believe that access to quality education and the growth of vibrant startup ecosystems are essential drivers of positive change. Our approach combines innovative technology solutions, collaboration, and a deep commitment to community impact.

International universities & Incubators

Humanics lab, together with our partners, have created an international university and incubator alliance called Enterprise on Campus. Within this framework, we are running a multi-stage program together with international universities and incubators with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, which is aimed at students and talent as well as start-ups and founders.



The Mission

Nurturing Next-Gen Entrepreneurs

To cultivate a supportive environment where students and young innovators can transform their ideas into reality.

Accelerating Local Innovation

To provide platforms and resources to propel local inventions and businesses towards success.

Promoting University Entrepreneurship

To collaborate with universities to integrate entrepreneurship education and empower faculty and researchers to translate ideas into impactful ventures.


Partner with us to

Promote Innovation

We provide universities and incubators with the resources, mentorship, and training programs necessary to nurture the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Support Economic Growth

By fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, we contribute directly to the economic development and long-term prosperity of communities we serve.

Create Employment

Our collaborative efforts empower individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to secure meaningful employment within the local job market.

Motivate Ecosystems

We inject energy and enthusiasm into local innovation ecosystems, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the creation of high-growth startups.


Key Features

The innovation hubs offer a launchpad for entrepreneurial journies.

Collaborative Co-working Space

To network, connect, and share ideas in a vibrant and stimulating environment.

Rapid Prototyping Facilities

To test, refine, and iterate on ideas with access to cutting-edge prototyping tools.

Incubation & Acceleration Programs

To benefit from structured programs tailored to guide startup through critical stages of growth.

Mentorship & Guidance

To gain invaluable insights and support from experienced entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

Funding & Resource Access

To connect with potential investors and explore funding opportunities to bring their vision to life.

Supported by


Startups & Students

Gain access to the resources, mentorship, and collaborative environment you need to propel your startup towards success.

Apply for Incubation

International Universities

Partner with Humanics Lab to establish a dynamic innovation hub that fosters student entrepreneurship and empowers faculty to translate research into impactful ventures.

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Corporate & Funding Partners

Contribute to our dedicated fund and make a direct impact on the success of aspiring entrepreneurs within our hubs..

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Our Research

Check out our latest Research which range from AI in healthcare, Rewilding, Climate focus project