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Humanics Lab Partners with QS and Anglo-German Education Ltd to Boost Global University Admissions

We are proud to announce a strategic partnership with QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) and Anglo-German Education Ltd. This partnership aims to support students in their pursuit of global university admissions, expanding their access to quality higher education and improving their prospects for future success.

This collaborative effort seeks to leverage the expertise and resources of each organization to create a robust, streamlined process for students seeking admission to partner universities across the globe. By providing comprehensive support throughout the application process, this initiative aims to increase the number of students from diverse backgrounds who can access and succeed in higher education.

Humanics Lab, is commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, brings its extensive network and support system to the partnership. QS, a leading global higher education company that provides services like university rankings and student support, offers its wealth of experience and vast connections in the higher education sector. Anglo-German Education Ltd, a reputable education consultancy with a focus on UK, USA and German university admissions, contributes its deep knowledge and understanding of these key education markets.

The partnership will offer a range of services, from guidance on university selection and application procedures to providing valuable resources and mentorship opportunities. It also aims to empower students to make informed decisions about their education, ultimately leading to better outcomes and increased opportunities for personal and professional growth.

“We are thrilled to join forces with QS and Anglo-German Education Ltd in our shared mission to democratize access to higher education,” said the Adams Alhassan, Director of Humanics Lab. “By working together, we can provide more comprehensive support to students, helping them navigate the complexities of the global university admissions process and reach their full potential.”

The partnership signifies a significant step forward in Humanics Lab’s commitment to fostering education, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It aligns with the organization’s broader strategy to create an enabling environment for young people to thrive and contribute positively to their communities and the wider world.

As this partnership unfolds, Humanics Lab, QS, and Anglo-German Education Ltd look forward to seeing its positive impact on students, universities, and societies worldwide. With this collaborative effort, the partners are committed to making a substantial contribution towards achieving equitable access to quality higher education.